My Property Tax Dollars

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Where does my tax dollar go?

The City provides quality services to approximately 50,000 citizens in a 28 square mile area, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Property tax dollars help offset the cost of these services.

Only 14 percent of the taxes paid by Grand Island homeowners are used to fund the City. Grand Island Public Schools and Hall County consume 75 percent of the total levy.

A levy indicates the amount of tax property owners pay for each $100 valuation of their property. Property tax can be calculated by assessed valuation divided by 100 multiplied by the levy.

City taxes on a $100,000 home at .324 levy can expect to pay $324.10.

TYPE OF TAX FY2014  FY2015 
City of Grand Island 0.3241000 0.3241010
Hall County 0.4249320 0.4110780
Grand Island Public Schools 1.2211360 1.3036080
Central Community College 0.1126160 0.1104590
Central Platte Natural Resources Districts 0.0421530  0.0406380
Educational Services Unit #10 0.0150000 0.0147120
Community Redevelopment Authority 0.0260000 0.0260000
Hall County Airport 0.0317520 0.0330380
Hall County Ag Society 0.0036640 0.0032790 

More information on the City of Grand Island budget is available.